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精选作文:Ashortmessage(250字)作文  27thMarch  HiBen,  ThisistoremindyouthatMrGreenwillholdaspeechabouthowtoprotecttheEarthonthe28thofMarch.  Thelecturewillbeheldinthes


  27th March

  Hi Ben,

  This is to remind you that Mr Green will hold a speech about how to protect the Earth on the 28th of March.

  The lecture will be held in the school hall at 8 p.m.. Remember to bring a notebook and a pen. You should listen carefully and make notes about how to protect the Earth. Of course you can ask the teacher some questions. Mr Green will answer some questions for you. Don"t forget to wear school uniforms. And you mustn"t bring your mobile phonre. That is because mustn"t listen to the music and make a phone call in the speech. I"ll meet you outside in the school hall at a quarter to eight o"clock.

  See you there!


篇一:作文short message service

Short Message Service a Blessing or a Curse

Is the short message service a blessing or a curse? It is true that everyone has his or her own idea. As for my part of view, I do believe it benefits more! No one can deny that the short message has already been a part of our life, right? First, as we all know, it’s quite economical. For instance, if you want to chat with someone abroad, you may spend a lot of money paying for the airline ticket or phone call. However, it won’t cost so much by the short message. In my opinion, it must be the chief reason why short message is so popular nowadays.

Second, you can see how convenient and efficient the short message is for people. You never have to write to your friends and then wait a long time for a replay. Meanwhile, it’s not necessary for you to inform someone by finding him yourself. All the words you want to tell someone can be known by him in only a few minutes by sending short messages.

Finally, we all shall admit that it does help us a lot in exchanging emotions or delivering information in our daily life, doesn’t it?

In a word, for above reasons, I’ll hold my opinion that short message services a blessing instead of a curse.



When I first come into contact with this topic,I remembered a thought-provoking sentence which is communication makes people closer.With the developing of our science and technology,mobile phone becomes an important media that we cannot live without it.So that wide-spread moblie phone short message changes into the indispensable communication tool to us.

Nevertheless,everthing has its two different aspects.Young people make SMS as the main channel of communication.Short message service also has its advantages and disadvantages.First and foremost,Short message makes people communicate more conveniently,only to send one message we can find people quickly wherever they are.In the second place, Short message service is very cheap.Usually take us just 0.1 yuan for one message,almost everyone can have the economic strength.Last but not the least,send messages could not disturb others while they have impotant things to do.People can reply your message when they are free.However, Short message service also has it disadvantages.On one side,more and more criminal gangs use short messages to cheat people’s property nowadays.We must be careful to this phenomenon.On the other side,too many advertisers send ads information through short message,disturbing our normal life.

To put all things into a nutshell,if we use short messages in a reasonable way and be careful to the criminals,short message service will

do good to our daily life.

篇三:Phone Calls and Short Message Service

Phone Calls and Short Message Service

Along with the advance of science and technology, electronic products, such as computer, MP3,and cell phone and so on. Among them, cell phone exerts a big influence on our daily life.It has dramatically changed our way of communication and socializing. As to its virtues and defects about cell phone, people's opinion are widely varied.

Recently, a professor named Baron conducted a survey among 2000 college students and consulted their attitudes toward cell phone. Conclusion was reached that the biggest advantage of cell phone is that it can connect the users with other people through short message, which is very convenient compared with traditional letter writing and also very cheap with the telephone call taking into consideration.As every coin has two sides, the very virtue of the cell phone is also the biggest disadvantage,which makes other people can easily fine them with a call even a message.Cell phone are gradually intruding upon the private space of people.

For the most part, I agree with professor Baron'

s conclusion. Let me first illustrate its virtues. It indeed save much time and efforts when we want to find a helping hand.It also shortens the distance between people,no matter how far two people are, they can easily get in touch with each other through a call and tell each other about what funny or sad things they come upon. The most obvious advantage of short message is that it makes people familiar and intimate. Sometimes ,people feel awkward to say something to others through face to face communication or making a phone call, the short message come to rescue, all the discomfort will be diminished for the messages covering the emotional effect. Messages are very popular and prevailing when a festival or delightful event comes. People can pass their blessing and wished with decent to others,even they are just nodding acquaintances. fROM Joozone.com.

For its defects, it is really annoying. Scan messages and harassing calls have gained access to us. We have to take time and energy to tackle these problems. And whenever we want to have a break or do some interesting things, we would be interrupted by phone calls or messages. Therefore, some people put forward their solutions that we could turn off the phone when we deem it is necessary or change the situation model of the phone to unreachable. These solutions really bring consolation to us, but they are very hard to apply. Suppose you are working for a company and yearning for promotion and increase in wages, you are hardly dare to do those things in fear a loss of big opportunity. Even if you are just an ordinary full time housewife, you are also incapable of doing that, simply because you have a large family to take care.Thus a new term was coined recently- cell phone syndrome, which refers to people can not live without cell phone. Some people even suffer from it that they have to force themselves to get away from cell phones.

Though a lot of complaints about cell phone has emerged, its advantages, from my point of view, are far outweigh its disadvantages. Just as a saying goes that there is no perfect man on earth,so does cell phone. Thanks to cell phone, we are launch into a

more efficient information change age. Every respect of our life are greatly benefited form it and it will uncertainly bring us to a brighter future.

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