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Hello大家好,欢迎来到这周的《Rust一周精彩回顾》,Rust是一种追求安全性、并发性和速度的系统语言。这是来自 http://this-week-in-rust.org/网站关于Rust的新的一周博文、活动、版本开发、贡献者的集锦。

Hello大家好,欢迎来到这周的《Rust一周精彩回顾》,Rust是一种追求安全性、并发性和速度的系统语言。这是来自 http://this-week-in-rust.org/网站关于Rust的新的一周博文、活动、版本开发、贡献者的集锦。在此,我们转载了过来,以便国内Rust语言爱好者学习。


  • Rust in 2016.
  • [video] RustCamp 2015 videos are now online.
  • [slides] Rethinking Systems Programming.
  • A Rusting Rubyist V. Rust Parallel HTTP Requests in Ruby.
  • An Unfortunate Coercion.
  • Testing With Unused Arguments.
  • Rust and the most elegant FSM.
  • Why Rust Appeals to Me.


  • Are we (I)DE yet?. An overview about the state of Rust development environments and their integrated bretheren.
  • The Rust by Example lifetime section is updated by mdinger.
  • cargo-outdated. A cargo subcommand for displaying when Rust dependencies are out of date.
  • Cargo Darf. Develop, test, run, and deploy Rust as a scripted language.
  • rustaceans.com. Rust user groups & mailing lists.


  • Alex Ozdemir
  • Chris Krycho
  • Dylan McKay
  • Elaine "See More" Nemo
  • Jonas Schievink
  • llogiq
  • Nathan Kleyn
  • Nicholas Seckar
  • Niranjan Padmanabhan
  • Tim Neumann
  • w00ns
  • Without Boats


每周 Rust团队会发布关于项目进度的报告, 这里是这周报告的集锦。


Full report.

也许现在最激动人心的事情是 @huonw's PR implementing the groundwork for SIMD。我们也已经决定合并MIR RFC。


Full report.


  • RFC #1229, which specifies that when the compiler is doing constant evaluation as a form of optimization, it should not report compilation errors for overflows or other problems that are encountered (warnings are ok). Otherwise, improvements in the constant evaluator can become breaking changes.
  • RFC #1234, which modifies the DST coercion rules to permit PhantomData. The discussion has primarily focused on whether we can indeed make the rules even more accepting than that; conclusion was to leave this for future work.

Full list of T-lang RFCs in FCP.


  • Interaction of user-defined and integral fallbacks with inference

上周,我们有很多进入FCP的RFCs,不幸的是,由于Felix Klock在一些容易赚钱的R&R之外,我们没有依据它们中的大多数做出最终的决定。然而,我们确实合并了一少部分没有争议性的项目:

  • RFC #1209 updates the follow set for types in macros to include ;.
  • RFC #1189 fixes some typos.


  • RFC 886, allowing "must use" on functions (by @huonw).
  • RFC 890, custom preludes (by @aturon).
  • RFC 1216, promote ! to a type (by @canndrew).


Full report.


  • All unstable APIs now map to tracking issues. The APIs will be tagged with the issue tracking them, so when you get an error that you need a feature gate, the compiler can also tell you which issue to subscribe to for stabilization. We'll use these issues as a centralized place for discussing questions/concerns about APIs before they are stabilized.

  • Stabilization will be tied to our 6 week release cycles: at the beginning of the cycle, the team will announce a number of unstable features undergoing "final comment period" (heading either toward stabilization or deprecation). The comment period will last for the entire release cycle. One week before the release is cut, the team will make final decisions and land a PR accordingly.



  • FCP Issue #27277: Stabilisation of result_expect
  • FCP Issue #27736: Tracking issue for f{32,64}::from_str_radix
  • FCP Issue #27764: Tracking issue for CStr => str conversions
  • FCP Issue #27765: Tracking issue for collection append methods
  • FCP Issue #27766: Tracking issue for collection split_off methods
  • FCP Issue #27767: Tracking issue for VecDeque::retain
  • FCP Issue #27768: Tracking issue for Box::{into_raw, from_raw}
  • FCP Issue #27769: Tracking issue for CString::{from_ptr, into_ptr}
  • FCP Issue #27771: Tracking issue for some Duration-taking functions
  • FCP Issue #27773: Tracking issue for the socket timeout functions
  • FCP Issue #27775: Tracking issue for converting slice iterators to slices
  • FCP Issue #27776: Tracking issue for viewing Result/Option as slices
  • FCP Issue #27785: Tracking issue for Box/String conversions
  • FCP Issue #27792: Tracking issue for str::split_at
  • FCP Issue #27795: Tracking issue for creating BTree{Map,Set} with a B
  • FCP Issue #27797: Tracking issue for consumption into OS handles


  • FCP PR #1195: ordered query API
  • Close, with the hope that we can find a way to achieve these goals with a smaller API surface
  • FCP PR #1192: RFC for inclusive ranges with ...
  • Merge, with the extra field for Iterator being kept unstable for the time being.


  • FCP PR #1198: pretty print Debug of tuples, tuple structs and enum variants in a single line


Full report.


  • Rust 1.2 was released, thanks to @brson for doing the release process!
  • The main site is now hosted over https thanks to @edunham's move from GitHub pages to Cloudfront!
  • make check is now running for 64-bit MSVC. This means that all changes to the compiler must pass all tests on MSVC to land! Note that this is enabled by turning on unwinding for 64-bit MSVC which is in turn enabled by @vadimcn's awesome work on unwinding.
  • The cargo install RFC has been merged.
  • @brson has released a tool for testing whether publishing your crate would cause a regression on reverse dependencies.
  • multirust has gained a which command to locate where binaries are, thanks to @shaleh!


  • 8/18. Sydney.
  • 8/19. Los Angeles.
  • 8/20. Berlin.
  • 8/26. Columbus Rust Society.
  • 8/31. Paris.

原文地址: This Week In Rust 92(整理/何抒灿 责编/钱曙光)


  • Rust一周集锦(一):《高级Rust编程语言》、新增13名贡献者
  • Rust一周集锦(二):7个项目更新及相关Meetup


  • Rust 开发技术学习路线(满满的都是干货)
  • 王川:Rust与异步并发的那些事儿
  • Mike:Rust是近15年最佳工程实践的集大成者
  • 专访Elton:浅谈C++、Go的挑战者Rust
  • 专访资深程序员庄晓立:我为什么要选择Rust?

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